1. S

    Info 186 DE application status in ImmiAccount and timeline to approve nomination

    my 186 DE application, along with nomination have been submitted to the department on 07 June, 2022. I have given my medicals on 08 June, 2022. Since then, there has been no update of the application. When checked with my agent on 01 November, 2022, I was informed that the nomination too wasn't...
  2. S

    Subclass 190 Onshore - Chances of getting invite at 85 points

    what are the chances of getting invite in ANZSCO Code 261313 (Soft􏰄ware Engineer) - onshore with proficient English (band 7) 189 - 80 points 190 NSW - 85 points (1+ year Aus experience) Is it necessary to have Superior English to get NSW invite?
  3. A

    ACS Software Product Manager

    Hello Everyone, I am Software Engineer and currently working as a Product Manager role in a reputable software house. I also do development for my products, test and release them. I am going to apply for the ACS skill assessment and want to be assessed by the Software Engineer category code...
  4. G

    Subclass 190 EOI-Chances of calling 190 with 80 points applied on August 2019

    Hi, We applied eoi for 261313 category on mar 2019 with 75 points and from June turned to 80 points due to increase in work experience. With this, When can we expect eoi approval? As it is getting delayed, we also plan to apply for 190 Visa. How is the progress of 190 now and which state would...
  5. A

    Which code has better chances of invitation - 261313 or 261111

    Hi All, I was curious to understand which of the codes, 261313 (Software Engg) or 261111 (ICT Business Anlayst) have a better chance of invitation in 2019-20. I realize that the ceiling/quota for 261313 is higher but I would presume that the number of applicants would also be proportionally...
  6. B

    189 - 2613 ICT with 80 points. Any hope?

    G'day peeps, I've submitted my EOI for 2613 category earlier this September with 80 points and I'll be having another 5 points after 16th of November. I know that there will be no hope of picking up my EOI until December, but do you think after December I stand a chance. Most of the singles...
  7. M

    Subclass 190 Necessity of a job offer for 190 visa

    I have gained 80 points for 190 PR visa under 261313 occupation on 7th July 2019. Is is mandatory to have a job offer to get invited from NSW/Victoria states?
  8. M

    ACS Query regarding ACS assessment (261313 or 261111)

    Dear @MysticRiver and other friends, I have some queries regarding my upcoming ACS (education and work experience) assessment, which I'll be submitting later this month. I've done lot of experimentation in the past (job changes, masters degree between jobs), which has slightly complicated the...
  9. M

    Should I go for ACS assessment this year or next year if I have 7 years relevant work experience?

    My timeline & current status: Age: 36 2006 Completed Bachelors (Computer Science) India 2006-2008 Relevant work experience (2 years) India 2008-2010 Studied Master in Computer Science (2 years) United States 2010- present Relevant work experience (9 years) in India PTE with 79+ (Superior) I am...
  10. O

    Is it true that Software Engineer Occupation 261313 is not eligible for NSW 190

    Hi Admin, Just heard from my friend that Software Engineer Occupation 261313 is no longer eligible for NSW 190, is it true as i can't find any details here https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/nsw-skilled-occupations-list Thanks & Regards, SKG
  11. raghav2k14

    Subclass 189/190 - 261313 - Software Engineer

    Hello I have 65 points including (20 points for Superior English), I don't have a job offer . What would be right to apply (both 189/190 )and for which state can I apply for nomination for ICT Software Engineer ? I am currently pursuing Masters from Melbourne and will be finished by 2019 mid...
  12. A

    ACS ACS Assessment under Software Engineer (ANZSCO 261313) with Computer Engineering Degree (2 year/4 year deduction?)

    Hi Experts, I'm planning to apply ACS assessment under Software Engineer (ANZSCO 261313) with BSc Computer Engineering Degree. According to the ACS guideline document, It is mentioned that In all educational qualifications, 65% of the ICT content must be closely related to the nominated...