1. A

    Subclass 189 Experience was 4.3yrs 3 months ago- advice beofre EOI submission pls

    Hey Guys, So I have a positive skills assessment outcome letter. Waiting for my husbands. Mine took two weeks so naturally, his has taken the full 12-14 weeks. I was assessed for 4.3 years of experience back in October. But now 3 months has passed, I wondered if I should wait until May when I...
  2. Matute80

    VETASSESS Positive expired outcome- Add experience under same occupation ANZSCO 232312

    Hi everyone, I am brand new here! I guess my question is a very common one but can't find the exact answer online. I have a positive outcome letter from Vetassess with 7.2 points test advice. This expired already a few months ago. I am going to apply for a state sponsorship visa and need to...
  3. Meltito

    VETASSESS Employment period calculation

    Hi everyone, my husband’s bachelor is in advertising design and communication, which is highly relevant to Marketing Specialist definition of Vetassess. As we are in the same list I was wondering if I could get 5 points from his skills assessment. The only problem is that his experience after...
  4. L

    Subclass 189 Can I claim points for experience on TSS 482 visa?

    Hi Guys, I am a bit confused over here, I am currently working with a firm and they have sponsored me for 482 visa and occupation was Mechanical Engineer Technician, though I am working as a mechanical engineer. Now I want to apply as a Mechanical engineer can I claim points for my present...
  5. D

    Visa 189: experience questions

    Good day, I've got two questions regarding 189 visa application 1.Trying to get 5 points for 1 year of experience, but short of 3 weeks. However, I have some previous casual work experience which is 20h per week but is NOT continuous. ( 1 week 20h, 1 week completely off, and so on.) Can I...
  6. 1

    Adding part-time or casual student jobs in Australia for 190 visa

    Hello I am on a student visa in sydney and been doing part time casual work with uber and different online courier companies. I have not paid any tax on these jobs yet. Do i need to provide this info in my visa application in form 80 or online? If I tell them about these jobs, would i need to...
  7. W

    ACS Experience during bachelors degree

    I am doing programming since I was in 8th standard and after doing my 12th standard I started working with proper software houses, worked as windows programmer(full-time night shifts) while doing my degree which I paid for by doing jobs. Now, I have letters and payslips to prove it but I know I...
  8. MysticRiver

    ACS - claiming post-assessment experience and exact skill level met date

    Due to popular demand, I am compiling a thread on two subjects. Claiming post-assessment experience: Basically, you can claim post-assessment experience as long as you continue on the same job. There were multiple precedences for this, and also that's the logical thing.... in most of the...
  9. A

    claim for experience?

    Hello, I going to submitting EOI for 233914 - Engineering Technologist in May-June 2018 with points 70 ( Age=30, Education=15, IELTS=10, Work experience=15). Could anyone help to answering the below question: I have 8 years of experience by the end of July 2018 (and its’ calculated or start...
  10. Etienne

    EOI - Skilled Employment Experience of NO

    Hi, When you create an EOI you can add experience that is not relevant to your skill and set it to NO. What is the point of adding this when you cant get points for it? Maybe so that a State can see what you can do to send you an invite for 190? Or maybe so that employers can see all your...
  11. K

    How much experience is counted with NON-ICT education background ?

    Education Qualification - Bachelors in Commerce stream in 2009 Work Experience - Started in 2006 in IT till now PTE - Above 70 in all I am applying for either 189 or 190 I need some information on how many years will deducted from my total work experience.
  12. S

    EA Skill assessment

    I am going for skill assessment from EA. Is EA requires all experiences to be showed or the relevant ones ? My employment summary is as under; I graduated in March 2008 1 and half month gap from March 2008 to Arpil 2008 Got 1st job in May 2008, continued till March 2009 (10 Months experience) 1...
  13. S

    Mathematics and Software Engineer - ICT Major \ Minor, ACS expectations

    Team, I'm planning to apply for PR under 189 category. I'm doing my due diligence to avoid approaching any agents because that is what being suggested as the migration agents help in the documentation and for applying. I have few questions, 1) I hold a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics. I'm...
  14. aviator789

    EOI experience dates

    Dear mysticriver,I need your help regarding entering experience in EOI. I have received my ACS results and employment after May 2009 is considered to equate to work.. for following employment details. Dates: 09/06 - 04/08 (1yrs 7mths) Dates: 04/08 - 05/09 (1yrs 1mths) Dates: 05/09 -...
  15. S

    ACS ACS assessment with no post-qualification experience

    Hi mystic, I just wanted to ask a question, I have studies bachelor of physics without any ict major or minor After graduating, I have worked in IT field for almost 27 months in developer programmer closely related area. These were outside Australia and upto 2015, I started studying master of...
  16. P

    ACS What is required for post-assessment experience

    Dear Admin I have following doubt regarding my EOI which I intend to apply. I am still employed with the following company while my ACS assessment was done until October as my affidavit carried a date in October. Dates: 02/15 - 10/16 (1yrs 8mths) ---- am still employed here! Position...
  17. P

    ACS How to make sure my job experience has at least 65% relevance to my skill occupation

    Dear administrator, I understand that ACS requires at least 65% match of job responsibilities with the anzsco code. I have received a reference letter from my employer which is close to the jobs mentioned in the job description of anzsco code. How do I ensure if the content is 65% match or...
  18. U

    Extra experience awarded by the assessing authority

    Good Day, I am submitting my EOI and a bit confused regarding the points. Presently I have 60 points. I did my assessment with AMSA for 2312 (Marine Transport Professionals). At the time of assessment, I was a diploma holder but the assessment letter received says that the Assessment authority...
  19. A

    ACS assessmemt without work experience

    Hy, I have just finished with the Masters in ICT from Norway. My question is that can i apply for ACS assessment without any work experience?
  20. A

    Experience earned before qualification - how ACS handles it

    Guys just wanted to know that how many years of experience ACS will deduct from my total experience and how many point I may get for my education and Experience. B.Com - 2001 A Level - 2004 (DOEACC NIELTS) MCA (SMUDE) - 2008 -2010 Work experience in IT field from Oct 2004 ... Thanks