skill assessment

  1. Tuns

    ACS Skilled Experience Claim or Visa 190

    Hi all, I am very curious about skill assessment claim and I will really appreciate any clarification from anyone, need this claim to gather my point at least I should reach 65-70point. I am into ICT, but unfortunately as an oversea candidate with my young age (24), I do have limited education...
  2. shama_bh

    EA Skill assessment for Electrical engineering

    I have bachelors degree from India in electronics and communication engineering, and then I did masters in Electrical and Electronics engineering from UK. Now i am working as an Electrical engineer from past 1 year. So I am using 1 project from bachelors degree 1 from masters and 1 from work for...
  3. gon1994

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment Result: Not Assessable Due to Document Guidelines not met

    Hello, I have received the result from ACS Skill Assessment last Nov 29. I submitted my ACS skill assessment last Oct 20. However, my two (2) employment have been assessed as not suitable. For "Not Assessable Due to Document Guidelines not met", I do not know what this means. But, I have...
  4. H

    VETASSESS Potential deduction in experience by VETASSESS

    My target occupation requires at least 1 year of experience according to VETASSESS. This also fits my current job description. A friend of mine applied for assessment for the same occupation and he had 1 year of experience deducted in order to be deemed skilled. If the same thing happens to...
  5. A


  6. A

    ACS Can I count work experience for my 189/190 prior to the ACS-determined skilled employment start date?

    Hello! I'm a software engineer with 4.5 years of recent, relevant work experience. My ACS skills assessment is currently in progress, but given that I got my BA in Computer Science in 2010, I'm anticipating that ACS will calculate that I have 2.5 years of skilled employment, netting me 0 points...
  7. K

    EA Experience Letter

    Hi, I am an engineering professional having 10 years of experience. I had joined Company A in 2012. The company A was acquired by company B in 2021. All the employees were transferred to the new employer B. We received new offer letters as well. Also the payslips are from employer B. However...
  8. R

    EA Hi, I have applied for the skill assessment of Telecommunication Engineer. EA asked for reports and then in one of my report I didn't mentioned date.

    Hi, I have applied for the skill assessment of Telecommunication Engineer. EA asked for reports and then in one of my report I didn't mentioned date. I did this project in UTS, and I have submitted to the university in IEEE format without ant dates in it. The same original project I have...
  9. S

    EA Question:

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to do skill assessment as a Electronics engineer. I have 4 years Bachelor's degree in a telecommunication sphere and 2 years Master's degree in Telecommunication engineering from overseas 2011 till 2017. Can I do skill assessment from EA? I don't have any job experience...
  10. T

    VETASSESS FREELANCERS, how do prove your working experience?

    Hi there, I am a freelance graphic designer wanting to apply for 190 (Offshore). Is there any freelance who succesfully get fully positive skill assesment? If so, what documents did you provide in order to prove your experiences? Did they cut any years? I found this new article by vetassess on...
  11. evdonstoy

    Other PhD degree and industry experience

    Hi everyone, I am quite new here. I have a Ph.D. degree and industry experience in civil engineering (construction and structural design), what kind of skill assessment will I need for a 189 Subclass Visa?
  12. Mansi Patel

    ACS Is it compulsory to do professional year to assess my Master of IT degree (which i am doing in australia) or not for my case??

    I have completed bachelor's IT degree (computer engineering) in India and having 4 years of relevant experience as software engineer. I am currently studying in australia (Master of IT). I am aiming to do ACS skill assessment under Software engineer. Is it compulsory to do professional year to...
  13. PDR

    Result My ACS Skill Assessment Experience - Last year and this year

    I would share my experience of 2 ACS skill assessments I did. SA-1 263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer Date of submission : 19 July 2019 Date of Approval : 04 Sep 2019 I lost one of my mark sheet and it was difficult to get it from my university (Calicut). One case office contacted me multiple...
  14. A

    EA What is the minimum wage to claim 5 points for Employment in Australia for a Graduate Engineer

    Hello, I am currently working as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer in Western Australia. I am to complete one year with the same company soon and I got payslips and reference documents to prove the employment. But I think they paid me below the average annual salary of a graduate engineer. Will...
  15. adnanfaroq86

    EA Career episodes from Published papers

    Hello, I am completing my Phd degree. I have published several research papers in the international journals. I want to know that I can i re-write those projects in the cdr for engineering technologist?
  16. adnanfaroq86

    EA Assessment as Electrical Engineer(233311) or Engineer Technologist(233914 )?

    I am completing my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Australia. I am planning to enter into the immigration process and first thing will be the skill assessment. I completed my Bachelor's of Computer Engineering from Dept of Electrical Engineering, then completed my Masters by Research +...
  17. jeffdcruzj

    VETASSESS Life scientist trying for VETASSESS skill assessment, finding difficulty in forming job description

    Hello, I am a life scientist by profession, trying to VETASSESS skill assessment. I find it difficult to write job duties and responsibilities that match my occupation. My job duties cover multiple areas/skills of occupations listed in the group 2345 (Life Scientist) such as life scientist...
  18. H

    Other Freelancer work experience points

    How can a FREELANCER website developer secure points for his experience while filing for Australia PR from India ?
  19. S

    VETASSESS Is RPL Valid for Vetassess Skill Assessment with 13 Years of experience

    Hello Friends All I don't have any full time study or any certifications from my country India i do have experience of 13 years in the field of Hospitality i wanted to know friends my occupations STSOl is this risk can australian government can remove this from the list anytime or its not...
  20. F

    VETASSESS What jobs are accepted for positive skills assessment for Other Spatial Scientist (ANZSCO Code 232214)?

    Hello. I was just wondering about what jobs would be accepted as a positive skills assessment (VETASSESS) for Other Spatial Scientist ANZSCO Code 232214? I already meet the requirement for AQF Bachelor degree relevant to the occupation. I am just looking to fulfil the 1-year post-qualification...