visa date of effect

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    Latest SkillSelect Round 2021 Visa 189 - Any comments on 80 points invitation?

    What might be the logic behind this invitation? There are higher points waiting for an invitation... and we know that higher points used to have priority. Have they started to look at the "latest date of effect" first? What do you think?
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    Will 'Date of Effect' be changed if I change one of my experiences to non-relevant but the total points remain the same?

    Hi there, I've submitted my EOI with 85 points. As my 1-year experience was completed last in Dec/2021 the total points increased to 90 automatically with this date of effect. I have 3 months experience in one company and 1.2 (ongoing) year experience in my current company. I now suspect that...
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    How soon I will get invitation with 65 Points

    I have submitted EOI under Production and Plant engineer (233513) on 16th Jan.2018 with 65 Points. As I can check last invitation round was on 3rd Jan, 2018 and visa date of effect was 2nd Jan 2018. So my question is How soon I will get invitation with 65 Points Visa date of effect 2nd...
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    EOI Date of Effect

    I had lodged EOI with state 190 visa for NSW in October 2016. Now, if I decide to apply for South Australia please clarify on the following: 1. Would I need to deselect NSW and choose SA? Is this exclusive application which is accepted by states? 2. Would there be a change in my EOI visa date...
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    Visa Date of Effect Consideration for 189 VISA

    Recently result for 1st February invitation round was declared for 189 category. I submitted by EOI on 24th January 2017 with 65 points. However, the visa date of effect for that round was until 21st December 2016. Unfortunately, I am falling year old by 20th February and that will decrease my...
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    What does visa date of effect mean in skill select result

    Hi there. I just submitted my expression of interest for 189 (mechanical engineer) and I'm claiming 65 points. I see from the results that this profession has become pro rata. I can't really wrap my head around this terminology and what it means to me in terms of getting an invitation. Could...