police clearance

  1. S

    Subclass 190 Police Clearance Durations When My Usual Residence Is Not Home Country

    Hi everyone, I am going to submit my visa application for 190 subclass. For the past 2 years I am working in Singapore and I have put Singapore as current residence in the EOI. I visited my home country multiple times in this duration for a total of 50 days. When I apply for the police...
  2. D

    Help! 190 visa police certificate requested for a 2 weeks holiday

    I have recently had a response from a case officer from 190 application , asking for zambian police certificate - which is near impossible to obtain. I have travelled there this January for 2 weeks and did 2 days of medical volunteering work very informally, and have listed it down as...
  3. aakyl4ever

    Singapore PCC (CoC) for 887 application.

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to apply for my (PR) 887 visa after a few months. As a requirement, I might need to apply CoC from Singapore (Singapore PCC) as I have lived for exactly 365 days. Appreciate if you could help me with answers I am looking for, 1) I have lived and worked for exactly 1...
  4. nnawalage

    Subclass 189 Police clearance

    Hi, I am awaiting an ITA and collecting documents for Visa stage. When should we submit the police clearance in Visa?To take a police clearance, it would take about 3 weeks in my country. 1. Should I apply for PCC now and keep it ready while waiting for ITA? 2. Apply for PCC once ITA is...
  5. G

    Subclass 189 My wife's PCC was issued with her old passport number on it. Is it OK ?

    Hi guys, Today, I got PCC for my wife from my country of residence. In that, her old passport number was mentioned as the new passport number was not updated in their database (We did not do it as it was not mandatory). So, will the CO accept the PCC with her old passport number, if I attach...
  6. balajigovindarao

    Reg. Police Clearance Certificate for Australia 489 Visa

    Hi, Reg. PCC for Aus 489 VISA application: I am an Indian citizen, so I got to obtain the PCC from "IndianPassportPortal services", that's fine. Also, I pursued a masters' degree & stayed in the United States under student visa from Jan 2016 to Sep 2017; My query: Should I need to obtain a...
  7. Typewriter

    Best timing for Police clearance

    Hi All, I'd like to apply for 190 visa and wonder if it is a good idea to get my police checks done before the invitation from the state? My concern is, there are only 14 days to submit necessary documentation after the official invitation has been granted. As I need to provide police checks...
  8. LPP

    Sharing experience on CO's requirements/questions

    Dear All, After submitting our application, the biggest fear of ours is CO requirements for further assessment delaying our grant. Therefore, let us gather all the possible situations where CO would request more details and let's get ready and equipt to face similar situations. Hence, I...
  9. atifiqbal1985

    Police Clearance from multiple cities

    Hi, I am expecting invite in the upcoming round, and therefore, I have started preparing the documents for submission. I was told that I would need police clearance from all cities I have lived in since 18 years of age. I have lived in 3 different cities, where 3rd city is my current city. My...
  10. Ramandeep

    Overall process after getting the invite (health examination, police clearance and upload documents.)

    Hi everyone, I have been invited for 189 (75 points) and now I am preparing the documents for applying the visa on 'online.immi.gov.au'. Now here are the main concerns that I am having. when lodging the visa file there were 17 screens where I filled all my information. In the end I was able to...
  11. Ajit

    Is a separate state PCC on top of FBI clearance required for USA residents?

    Can someone help me? Does the CO ask for State PCC if living in the USA? I've submitted the FBI PCC already. Will it serve the purpose?
  12. A

    Fingerprinting for Canadian Police Clearance

    Dear All, I have received the invite, I am yet to lodge my application. I need to get police clearance from Canada where I stayed for 3.5 years. Now, Canadian Police is asking me to do fingerprinting and submit to relevant agency in Canada electronically to get police clearance. When I...
  13. A

    Steps after Invite, Police Clearance & Health Examination for 189 Visa

    Dear All, Request 1 : I received the invite for 189 Visa class. There were 17 guided steps asking information on self, spouse and dependent child. However, when i complete the 17th step, its asking me to submit, I am not sure as where to upload the documents. Will I need to upload the documents...
  14. OliRocket

    Submit application without police checks

    Hello everyone, I need a piece of advice from you, I got nominated for Victoria to apply to a VISA 190. Can I submit my visa 190 application without having my complete police checks? The thing is that I currently live in United States and in my case is required to get the FBI Background check...
  15. Harrey

    Good time to apply for Police Clearence

    I am yet to start with my skill assessment & have long way to go for lodging an EOI. However, after EOI gets approved i have to get a police clearance certificate. Instead, can i get it now as i am going to change my residential address? The address in passport will now be different from the...
  16. E

    No response from DIBP or case officer regarding police clearance request letter

    Hi @MysticRiver and all, I am having some trouble seeking a response from DIBP, with regards to my visa 190 being processed. I received my outstanding information checklist from DIBP on 2 Nov, asking for PC and HC. I have done my HC but unable to complete my PC because I need a request letter...
  17. A

    Does the police clearance need to be the most recent one

    Hi just seeking clarification on PCC thing. Does it need to be most recent? i am in Australia for the last two years, i obtained my overseas PCC when i came to Australia. Do i need a new one now? i am going to get the one for Australia now, but uncertain about my home country PCC status. thank you
  18. N

    Unobtainable overseas PCC

    I have a peculiar situation, just wanted to find out if someone else has experienced a similar scenario. I have lived with family in China for about 2 years during 2009 and 2011. I have tried to obtain a PCC for this period but failed as the Chinese embassy in my country do not support such...